Aches & Pains Balm for sore muscles and joints


Essential oils of wintergreen, Eucalyptus & tumeric are believed to be antibacterial, anti inflammatory and stimulates blood circulation around the affected tissue while alleviating pain.For centuries Arnica has been the leading herb for easing muscle aches and pains.
Menthol Crystals offer temporary pain relief for sore muscles, providing a local anesthetic with a cool numbing sensation as it penetrates the skin.
Arnica has been traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling, speed healing of bruises, relieve muscle pain and aches from trauma, over-exertion, and sprains.
GREAT for athletes, dancers, construction workers and diabetics who suffer from swelling in the extremities
INGREDIENTS: Calendula oil, Arnica oil, Menthol, NZ Beeswax, coconut oil, Essential oils of Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Tumeric
Apply a pea size amount of Muscle Balm to the skin, massage gently.
Nursing or pregnant women must avoid skincare products with wintergreen and/or Eucalyptus

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